Monday, 12 OCT 2015 :: Long day... lots of things learned, and developed.

Officially, I started this at 11:48 PM PST, so we will not say I am LATE with my post!  :-) 

I revised one of my listings at Etsy later in the evening, and then spent a LONG time posting it at my Christian teams, then decided to post it at Facebook...several places there.  I kept thinking I would get here sooner. . . but time seems to go faster than we want it to.

Here is what I was posting, with the link you can access to check on it.

Hi again...  Just revised and renewed my CUSTOM ORDER listing placeholder and included  HOLIDAY  USPS  CUT-OFF  DATES !!!

You are welcome to  COPY  AND  PASTE  the dates for your own listings...

I hope we can all sell as much as we need/want to sell this holiday season. May GOD be glorified !

I was collecting information about USPS holiday cut-off dates today, and about prices for each way to ship items, including internationally.  Etsy has the option to create specific shipping profiles for the items you sell there, and I have been working toward making some of these for the harder to define shipping categories... like Alaska and Hawaii, and international destinations.

Later, when I was revising my Custom Order, it seemed like it would be a perfect place to list the cut-off dates for this season... which required even more time.  When I need to renew a listing, I try to improve it as much as possible, according to what I have learned since the last time I created it.

I hope that my sales efforts will bear fruit in time, and be applied to all aspects of my efforts online.

I guess I am trying to explain why I am entering this post so late.  I make my lists of things to get done, and then they take longer than I want them to.  It is even harder when you have to access the internet.  One link seems to lead to another, and another, and another...  Before I realize it, hours have passed.  I have discovered things that are equally important to my overall goals, but the time lost always messes up my daily to-do list. 

I entered two other Etsy listing renewals over the weekend, and I hope to revise another one tomorrow.  If I keep this up, I will have a good selection to offer people who visit my links.  :-)  

I have been surprised at how long it takes to learn online selling gather the equipment, supplies, and create items to sell, plus each website has it's own individual requirements. It seems to take me a long time to get through the photo requirements, but that problem is being figured out, too.

Selling at Etsy, and other online sites, is important because money has always been the main issue in my life.  Working Together would have been so much bigger by now if I could have worked all these income issues out a long time ago.

If I live long enough...  it will all be figured out.