Monday, 19 OCT 2015 :: Goals need constant review...

Sunday is becoming my planning day.  Yesterday, I spent several hours revising and updating my new set of goal forms.  It is really helping me to get organized -- to find the pieces of my giant "puzzle" that I have to get done.

I start out with an overview of all the areas of my life that need attention, so I can decide what needs to be done and what I might be able to achieve and what to focus on first. 

The first page is the most important... it is seen the most.  I am trying to find a place to hang my goal set so I can see it often, as a reminder for all those times I am busy with other things, to keep me motivated.

The first page includes my TOP TEN GOALS FOR THE WEEK, my version of the previous top ten goals for the day I began my goal search with.  (Inspired by some free CDs I had by Brian Tracy.) 

The first page has my MISSION STATEMENT for Working Together at the top ::
Working Together is a business dedicated to Christian principles and theology.  Its purpose is to build and preserve resources that will help the Body of Christ survive as the Antichrist comes into power and the Mark of the Beast becomes a reality.  Our focus is food, water, shelter, prisons, employment, education, financial assistance, transportation, worship, fellowship, the value of life, and other basic needs.  Most of these activities will be connected to membership status.

 and the STATEMENT OF AFFILIATION for Working Together programs, which often have both a Christian grouping and a Public grouping.  

I hereby certify that 
I am a Christian. 
I have investigated the claims of the Holy Bible and accept the sacrificial death of a sinless Jesus Christ, GOD’s one and only Son, as an offering for my sins, thereby making my soul clean again and reinstating my personal relationship with GOD, my heavenly Father and Creator of all that exists.
To help with the week's planning, I have the days of the week in one column, with established tasks like blogging already listed and space for notes before or after the day's events.  For the blogs I am trying to develop, I have separate sections.  I also list a lot of the writing projects I am working on.
Also on the first page is my INCOME GOAL... which is still unclear.  Right now I have AMAP (as much as possible), but the actual amount depends on how my living situation develops.  Under my income goal I have this reminder :: 
 GOD has a purpose
for everything that happens to us.
Keep your focus on Him,
on the future,
and on His goals for you.
My other pages have sections for Etsy, Fiverr, eBay, and Amazon -- my income efforts.  There are social media sections for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Networked Blogs, and LinkedIn. Working Together programs are listed so I can plan the details for each one :: Membership, CORD- the Christian Online Resource Directory I am trying to create, Action Prayer, Bible Growth Groups, Firstfruits Ministries, Inmate Project, Essay 321, and Recipe Exchange.  I have a yearly calendar with major events to remember, and I am working on some way to have my budget for the week included.
The other sections of my goal pages are more detailed budgets, and spending records, and planning calendars.  I also have a pantry food list to help me keep track of my food supplies, which I only worry about once a month, or when I need to do a big shopping trip. 
It is quite an effort...
with short and long versions to keep it all going forward. 
I have begun to number each section and I am trying to create an order for my daily reviews and Sunday updates.
It is probably good I don't know too much about how other people do this, but I have read an occasional detail about planning systems of the old days, and how they have changed in this day.  I don't have the electronic versions, but I assume there must be something out there.  I am most worried about all the data that goes into smartphones, and laptops, and tablets, and other wireless internet-connected machines.  I want to retain the old options for information that is very sensitive... not 24-hour online access.  I am trying to figure out how to achieve that impossible goal.  :-)