Thursday, 8 OCT 2015 :: The days ahead.

Well... here I am again.  I made it to today, somehow...   :-)   TGI Thursday, for me, anyway.  I have been thinking I need to change this to a weekly entry, but haven't been sure when, how, if I want to do that...  With all my blog topic goals, below, I need to find a workable schedule... and weekly seems more reasonable.  Maybe I can make entries all week, and then post it on Fridays.

I don't know if the world is still out there... I haven't listened to the news.  :-)   Ha!  It can feel like that sometimes.  How much do we need to know?  I vote for less global news, except the most important, and more local good news.  I get so tired of a rundown of how many people are dead, maimed, or committing fraud and other various crimes.  The 20-second mention at the end of the news is usually the only GOOD news we get.  There must be more good things happening somewhere... don't you think?

It will take all weekend to catch up for this week of not feeling well... if I continue to feel better... maybe longer if I still have to rest a lot.  It is a pain... we want to be 100% healthy our whole life, but that is not how it goes.  I am thankful I got this far along before it all started to fall apart.  :-)

There is so much going on... all the time... everywhere.  Look at any community calendar and there can be ten things going on every day.  I was surprised to see at least three celebrity birthday posts yesterday... I think it was yesterday.  I am giving up on sharing a birthday wish on FB... except for the most important, those closest to me, or that I want to say something to.  I can feel myself getting sucked into this online popularity contest, but I am resisting... looking for my place to stand... and then I will build from there.

Sundays are my new day for planning the week ahead.  I also have a quarterly calendar I am working on.  I am hoping I finally have the pages for my goals notebook that will matter, and will go through them every Sunday for short-term and long-term planning... and budgeting.  :-)

2016 will be much better if I can keep this growth flow going...  

At my income level everything is S-L-O-W going... My life isn't like those business efforts you read about where they use credit cards to start out with.  My life isn't family loans either.  So, when I am not fighting homelessness and other poverty-related, or health-related, or starting-over issues, I am rebuilding or building for the future a little bit every month.

Poverty is a very slow growth cycle... by years, not months... sometimes by decades instead of years (depending on the issues that are faced). 

It is hard to believe I started Working Together in 1987 and have been battling the same issues for so long.  The End Time issues that I am concerned about involve differences of opinion in the church community also... I am hoping these will be dealt with by having a separate organization like Working Together... the one I have always envisioned it to be.

Once I am able to get it going, I think it will be a great resource for people in the Christian community as well as people outside of church populations.  Membership is my focus, with different benefits for Christians and those in the general public... most of them the same, but with priority for the Christian, our main purpose for existing.

I hope GOD allows me to live long enough to see it established and growing, but if that isn't going to be the case, then someone will have to build something later, or it is too late to do anything.   I find that hard to believe since GOD spent all these years leading me in this direction, but only GOD knows where it all will lead.  I hope it will be something safe, protected, and abundant... a Goshen for the modern believer...