Tuesday, 27 OCT 2015 :: getting out of the house

I'm running late again... I actually went out into the big wide world today.  :-)  I had to make sure I didn't waste the last $8 in Senior Farm Checks I got this year... a kind of food stamps for seniors that can only be spent at Farmer's Markets and can only purchase real fruits and veggies... no processed foods.  I bought six apples for one of the $4 paper checks, and three small squash and a medium parsnip with the other $4 paper check.  I hope the small squash taste good... I have been wanting to get some for this time of year, and small is always better when you are feeding one person with it.

I accomplished a few other "goals" on my list, but that is enough on that.  It was a day without rain, so I had to get as much done as I could !!

I bought my first eggnog of the season, too.  I LOVE this part of the holiday season. I try to have at least ONE carton of eggnog.  Sometimes I am able to buy two or three.

I have been going through my recipes lately.  I was trying to find specific ones, but in the process I discovered my holiday recipes.  I am trying to decide what I want to make for this year.  With no kids to make for, there isn't any joy in the making unless I can find people to share it with.  I'm working on that problem, too!  :-)

The rain is going to start in the night tonight, and be with us for a long while now.  I hear that the "official" normal weather is back... lots of rain.  I may stay home a lot.

I really can't think of anything deep to share right now.  I am very tired, and can hardly type.  I hope to share more tomorrow. 

Enjoy your days... remember that each one is a new beginning and could also be your last.  Don't waste any of them.