Monday, 16 NOV 2015 :: another late night post, catching up with the weekend

My goodness, I was doing so much over the weekend I don't remember it all... I was amazed at how easy it was to see the Democratic Debate... on TV, no problems, in its entirety...  how did that happen???  I had my laptop on for back-up, but never had to use it... it seemed to work so well also. 

With only three people on stage, the contents of the debate was less harsh for the presenters... the Republicans are lucky to get any real time to present their answers to the hard questions.  I liked the third guy... and it was the first time I really ever heard of him or saw him. 

I saw a commercial about the next debate being in February, but I don't recall which party it was for.  I have a list... I will have to check on that.  Valentine's Day... that must be why... all the subconscious affiliation with love and marriage.     :-)


I spent hours and hours revamping my goal pages this weekend... and I am glad I did.  It is really beginning to work out.  By January I should be ready to print and fill out my pages for a whole year, so I can compare apples with apples and oranges with oranges.  Right now, each week has changes.  I am getting rid of duplications and trying to put it all in a workable order... goals, updates, budgets, tracking data... and whatever else comes up.  I haven't even begun working on the separate tracking for my selling sites...  I don't know when that will fit in.


My ongoing challenge to eat the emergency supplies I have is really a drain on my body and mind.  I hate it... but I am going to keep doing what I can.  I am out of canned goods.  I have a few freezer items, with veggies... and will be using the last of my soup broth tomorrow.  I've been trying a pizza dough recipe as a small bread loaf... today's effort wasn't good.  But I am moving in the right direction!  :-)    I have to get out to a store soon, so I will pick up enough food to keep me going in my use up the food campaign.  My son uses dried beans for hummus and other dishes... I need to make up some of my dried foods and figure out how to make them into something worth eating.  I have chili powder, so I am going to look for a simple CHILI recipe to make.  Beans are good protein.  I have dehydrated refried beans... maybe one more portion, so that will work for some meals.  I hate to think of how they survived in the wild west we all think of as the movies portray it.  Real life was a lot harder, I bet.  


I am moving into senior status with more resolve now... I ordered some bookshelves, a folding table, and a metal shelf online and am waiting for their delivery.  I hope they arrive in good time and in good shape.  I am trying Walmart's free shipping service.  I can only afford the cheap versions, but they look like they will do... the bookshelves are particle board, or something like that... so who knows what will happen.  I am trying to reorganize my small space so I can get some work done.  I am already getting ready to move everything around... and may get rid of my TV or put it somewhere it is too hard to reach.  :-)   I will have to get more furniture help for my space, but let's see how this works out, first.


I started to collect addresses for mailing out Christmas cards this year... it has been many years since I have been able to do much.  I'm going to try to do what I can this year... and Christmas cards are an achievable goal... only $10  (approximately) for stamps.  I haven't decided if I will make or buy the cards yet.  I use to make my own Christmas cards/ was a great event for me.  I don't know if I want to do that still... but I am think about how deeply I want to get into this.  E-cards are probably the future, and I am trying to learn how those are created, but I still love real Christmas cards.

Only a few minutes left of 16 NOVEMBER 2015, so I better get going.  Thanks for all your patience as I work through all the problems I am faced with.  They are less than some, more than others....  and that is why I always loved the writing that use to be a poster when I was young... DESIDERATA.  I think it's still around.  We were a thoughtful generation, looking for deep answers to deep problems.  I think sports is all anyone cares about these days.   That is a comment on our world...