Tuesday, 17 NOV 2015 :: long day, short message -- but I am churning inside...

I don't have the energy to spend a lot of time here tonight... it has been a long day, and I have seen so many reports and comments on Paris, on refugees, on America, on politics, on fear, and trembling, and what the future will become.  I could write for hours, days, on these issues...  but then I remember that all of this is part of GOD's prophecies coming true.  The world can't become as it was in the days of Noah (when there was only ONE righteous person) without everyone else forsaking GOD and doing things we don't like to see, or feel, or experience.

I wish I had all the answers, but I am seeking better pathways for all us Christians... who will become the target of all this violence and hate one day. 

If I could live long enough, I would do what I could to make a safe place.

If I had enough money, I would work in those directions... all over the world... and prepare for all the hard times ahead.

If I could, I would.... but GOD hasn't provided for this work...yet... so that means               ... well, I have always wondered if it meant it was too late to make a safe place.


I better get to bed and save my words for when I have rested and may possible feel better and not remember all the things that rise up in me at the situations we face.