13 AUG 2014 :: Here I am again, trying to focus on what is most important.

I won't be able to sit at the computer much longer, am already over my limit. Just wanted to share a few lines and keep my efforts going. Accomplishing goals are always a challenge. Everything seems to interfere when we set our sights on something.

Reading the news is depressing, most of the posts on Facebook are negative. Everyone wants to "prove their point" by sharing the worst stories and making it focus on their views. The Bible tells us that our hearts will grow cold because of the abundance of [sin, evil, harm, etc.] and it is growing very apparent that this is happening. Families are destroyed by the increase in isolation. Technology isolates us. We are the sum of what the internet tells us.  That is not good.

I am working on creating an 1800 calories per day lifestyle...finding out how much I can eat within that amount. I am hoping to get down to 140 lbs again...as soon as possible...within my limitations. I have been trying to deal with portion control for years. GREGORY, THE TERRIBLE EATER, is another kids story I loved when my children were small. Hope you read it.

I have to go. I will write again when I can.  (My work week is Monday thru Thursday, remember that!     :-)     )

In Christ,

Deborah Martin