12 AUG 2014 :: Trying to keep up with the goal

Sorry, not well today, but am making a last minute effort to write something on my blog.

Today has been a focus on GOAL SETTING in the morning hours. I created some extra forms to try to clarify my goals and find a way to make better to-do lists each day. I have a top-ten list that I am trying to utilize. I got the idea from Brian Tracy materials. Now I have evolved to a weekly GOAL LIST process and am working on how to make those into daily to-do lists.  I hope to share my efforts in print with my Inmate projects and at Etsy for sales to others and income options for me. I started working on this process in January and hope to get it figured out by DEC, when I will focus on the New Year and setting goals.

Sitting too long makes me ill, so I was forced to lay down and have been there since. I can't write much more, but no sleep makes me want to try to get something done. I am trying to go through emails, twitter, and facebook, if I can.

I was sad to hear about the death of Robin Williams. I don't think he was saved, so his eternity is sealed, whatever it is. I later heard that Lauren Becall ( I don't know how she spells her name. ) also died. I loved to watch her movies. I think having a relationship with GOD and Christ and the Holy Spirit makes our lives different, and our deaths. I wish everyone could be saved, but that doesn't seem to be possible, especially in the End Times.

I have to go. I will try to write more as the days pass. I will find the best pattern for my efforts as we go through these efforts.  :-)

I am praying for an enormous blessing, please pray with me. There are many needs for WT and myself. I don't expect to live much longer myself, so I would like to see some things started before I go. Pray that GOD will allow me these things.  Thanks.