2 OCT 2014 :: Have to make it short

The computer I use has had problems all day...it took me 45 minutes to post a happy birthday message this morning! ... so I don't plan to write much.  Aren't you the lucky one!  :-)

I hope to get some artwork done this weekend. Have been making plans, getting my supplies ready, am organizing my spaces, and working on my Etsy listings. I have also discovered my other sales sites again and want to find something to sell on them. It will be great to get this process going.

Prayers are still needed...BIG issues, want GOD to help. Thanks.

I don't want to get started on anything serious today. I will be here forever. I just can't do that today. I will save it for Monday...by then my prayer needs will be desperate.

May GOD help us all to find safety together. Amen.