6 OCT 2014 :: Jihad, Communism, Socialism, Democracy, or Dictatorship?

I have been wanting to remind the world about China and Communism since I rediscovered a writing I kept. I will write it below, as best I can. It is called The Ten Principles of War, by Mao Zedong. It is a scary vision of the future when we think of China's attacks on our cyberspace, how much of our debt they own, and how deeply connected we are by commerce. These short statements offer us a reality check about our enemy and how it proposes to win its battles.  They may be slightly adapted for modern situations, but Communist theology and goals are still alive.


Attack isolated enemy forces first.

Take towns and rural areas first, take big cities later.

Wiping out the enemy's strength is the main objective, not seizing territory.

Only attack enemy forces that can be completely overcome.

Fight no battle you are not sure of winning.

Have courage in battle and no fear of sacrifice or fatigue.

Attack the enemy when he is on the move.

In cities, seize all weakly defended battlements. Wait before attacking strong enemy lines.

Use captured arms and personnel to reinforce.

Rest, train and consolidate in short intervals. The enemy should be permitted scant breathing.

I have often considered the song by John Lennon to be about the theory of Communism... Imagine...[all good things].  It is a wonderful thought, like the Bible's vision of love and equality and freedom and peace. I don't believe history records a single society that has actually existed according to these goals. There are always those human beings that want to have at someone else's expense, want to control others, want to use violence to force others into submission. Now we have Islamist that want to take over the world and rule according to their brand of spiritual leadership.

I heard a guest on a news program, probably 60 Minutes last night, that said China is bombarding not only our government computers, but business computers as well...looking for secrets to steal, ways to win in business negotiations, and more. I doubt that China is the only one. (I think the man I heard on TV said that China was the largest threat, but not the only one.)

I assume anything connected to the Internet is fair game...for anyone. I think a lot of our military and police equipment are attached to the Internet, which puts us at risk. Airplanes, trains, boats, cars, houses, and security systems everywhere.  It's going to be a problem as time goes by and we will have to find a solution for it.

It makes me wonder what will happen to the US if someone is able to incapacitate our military and business systems, power grids, and other important networks that we rely on. Soon there won't be any cash systems, only online transfers...which sounds like the Mark of the Beast to me. I bought a wind-up clock at the thrift store, but if I don't keep it going, how will I know what time to set it for if all the electronic ones die? Watches are becoming extinct, and they are run by batteries, too. We never think it will happen to us, and that makes us a better target.

GOD has warned us about these days through prophecies. You have to read about them and decide what you think is going to happen, how it all fits into our world, or if it is still far away. If you don't read about it, you won't be able to see GOD's warnings, and make the right response.

Start with Revelations and some good books that explain it, and tell you where to look for the other prophesies about the End Times and the Antichrist and the Mark of the Beast.