21 OCT 2014 :: Early news today

I needed to correct something in my Monday post (this is week 11, not week 10), so I am entering an early post today.  I still need to try scheduling posts, but I don't know when.

I am somewhat low today because it seems I have lost my mailing address (PO Box in Eugene) and am trying to recover from that. GOD has not answered my prayers in the way I would like, I have been struggling against powers that are bigger than me, and the way forward is clouded... It is a change I have to work through... It is a sign of the future for all of us.

We all have certain expectations of others. When they don't happen, we try to understand why. The closer a person is to us, in our hearts, the harder it is to recover from.  Time will help this hurt to heal, but I have to find a way through that time...that is the challenge.

The Bible tells us many things about our lives, about His power, and about His methods. It is always easier to see these hard times in another person's life than it is to experience the pain ourselves. I hope I can find GOD's path through this. Right now my eyes are clouded with tears, my heart hurt with disappointment, my goals at the side of the road. I will be seeking GOD for comfort and direction... doing what I can to find His way forward.

I have some art and crafts to get done. They will occupy my mind and time as I get through this difficult day, this difficult time.

Pray for me. Thanks.