23 OCT 2014 :: Trying to get ahead of the list!

It is really hard to stay ahead of all the things on your "to do" list.  :-)  There is an endless increase in the things that need to be done. It is the famous "tyranny of the urgent" that makes us not get the essential things done. I am working on finding a way through this.

It seems a permanent problem now: I have lost my mailing address, my PO Box in Eugene. I am continuing to pray through this mess, and trusting that GOD will help me get back there and get a farm property on a bus line and be able to build the things I need, my family needs, and all Christians will need in time. I have prayed for the same things for many years and have been busy battling the "urgent" at the cost of the essential. I have to wonder what GOD's purpose in all this is -- except He has shown me what the world will be like. I guess that would be important for future decisions. Still, money remains the main issue. :-(  I can't seem to get my business programs selling so they can build themselves into the future that is needed.

I continue to cry about what has happened, about what I learned about marriage, the LGBT/etc. community, about my sons, my family, the government, and so much more. Even separating from the world that doesn't believe is going to have major problems.  The hate of Satan is being manifest in human beings...people lost in their sins...even people we love.

I am going to CHOOSE to pray that GOD will somehow reach the ones I love before it is too late, even if I am gone from this world.

This weekend will also be full of creative activities. I am getting to my piles of art supplies, fabrics, and other craft materials. I hope to get some new listings up by next week. It depends on how well they turn out.  :-)  I am developing products for sales as originals, and some for duplication. They both have their advantages. I am told you need to have at least two pages on Etsy to be considered a committed seller. That is about 50 items. So, that is my goal for the end of November or sooner...as soon as possible. Next year I will be ready with a LOT more!  This is a learning curve...all for next holiday season.  :-)

Well, I have to get going. I am working on topics for 2015, it is just a long process.

I did feel I needed to update my main webpage because of the address issue...so a few changes were made to the site. Just a few. GOD holds my son responsible for what he chooses to do, and I am trying to honor his place in the household.  --- But, it also means I MUST MOVE, as soon as I can.

GOD doesn't care who we are, he will judge all men by the same "rules" - so I hope you are choosing what is right.