11 NOV 2014 AM :: Looks like I missed Monday's entry :-(

I was doing my morning tasks and realized I missed my blog post yesterday.  I don't like to write them in the morning, so I let it go, and then I got busy with Etsy and Facebook and email and lots of reading and exploring.  I didn't even go to bed until midnight, but totally forgot the blog post. I can't imagine how that happened!  :-)   Sorry about that. I will do two today to make up for the missed one.

The weekend was filled with lots of busy-ness, trying to sort out the things that need to get done. I worked a long time on my latest Etsy listing, a revision of a previous one... making my writings into postcards that can be mailed or sent in an envelope.  I only have one listed so far, but will be getting a separate listing up when I can. 

I am having income issues, and other problems to deal with that are beyond my ability to control, so I am taking this part of my life one day at a time.  I consider it a sign of the future we will all have to deal with. :-(   Not a good thing.   ------   We believe that GOD controls all things, and He does. I have to trust that He has a purpose for this time in my life. My sons are involved and I am praying through.

There seems to be a lot of crime shows on the channels I get. Why criminals do what they do is always a part of the story...but how can healthy people even begin to understand the causes of criminal behavior?  We can't understand drug addiction, abuse, illiteracy that is taken advantage of, unending emotional pain...etc.  I don't think all these portrayals of brutal crimes can be good for anyone who watches them... I think unstable people will want to emulate them.  It isn't a good thing? Why is it happening?   And when there is a decent program it digresses into everything gross and ungodly.  It is hard to watch any TV anymore.

I am praying for the lives and futures of my sons... People seem to lift up the things in our world that are against the goodness of GOD. It is hard to separate ourselves from the society we live in. Without a commitment to godly living, people rarely see the problems in these activities.  I have a battle with it myself.  I start watching something that seems OK, and it turns into the promotion of gay sex, has horrible crime references, if filled with abuse of all kinds, or denigrates the biblical faith. Even the news is a succession of terror...with one "human interest" item when they can.

These are the "pictures" of our society. 

I remember reading and/or hearing people from other countries saying they believed the TV programs portrayed life in the United States. They were referring to a popular soap opera of the time. Imagine what the people of Iran think of our country when they see our movies and TV programs now.  Maybe that is why we are so hated in the world these days.

All of these changes in our world are part of the End Time process...and they are leading to the ungodly and violent society that will exist. 

I would like to build a place where I can live with other Christians... where we can fellowship and work and worship and live in as much peace as possible until the Antichrist arrives.  It may not be possible, but I think we need to try.  Our time is running out.