11 NOV 2014 PM :: The official post for today!

My big news for now?  I pinned my first personal product from Etsy to Pinterest today!   :-)

I have been trying to do that since I signed up for Pinterest but didn't get it figured out.  Etsy has a pin on the product listings (now) so I went ahead and figured it out.  Will do more later.  This is going to be fun when I really get going.

The other thing I wanted to share was an INC Magazine post at Facebook or in one of my emails. It said our attention spans have gone down to 8 seconds, and a goldfish has a span of 9 seconds.  What does that say!!!!   The article also said that, if you are marketing, only plan on the first 5 seconds to get your viewer's attention.   It's going to be a fast and furious Christmas season on TV!  Maybe on other media, too.

I was reading about international selling and delivery issues at Etsy this morning.  It seems like a real mine field.  I hope I do OK when it finally gets to that point.  Some sellers said that packages can be stuck in customs for a very long time, not get delivered, get sent back, etc.  Trying to adjust for all those shipping problems causes money problems... refunds, complaints, appeals, etc.  I hope I can keep some money in my accounts until each sale is finalized.  I think that will take some kind of recordkeeping for international sales.  I need to learn the limits for each site I use: Etsy, PayPal, eBay, fiverr, banks, and whatever ones come up.

I consider Etsy a home business, a way to create online income and build a presence for the future. I am not sure how to prepare for my death. I have been looking through some materials on getting things ready for that day.  I am trying to make a list of all my website affiliations and their passwords for the ones who take care of all that after I am gone.  It is a long list.  There are legal issues I haven't learned yet. What happens at a place like Etsy? I haven't read about that yet.

Still desperately need GOD to intervene on my behalf in a number of issues. Please continue to pray for me.   Money is a tool, or it is a weapon.  I hope to use it as a tool for GOD's work and His people.