12 NOV 2014 :: Keeping up... don't want to forget... again! :-)

I have been spending a lot of time trying to work out the details of my etsy shop so I didn't want to get distracted and forget to post again.

In their forum sections I am trying to see what sellers do this Christmas so I can better plan for 2015, which I hope to sell well in, God willing.

I am trying to find the other Christian sellers on Etsy so I have been joining the Christian teams for sellers. I hope to separate the Christian sellers from the general populations so I can support them if I am able to buy something and they offer what I want.  Figuring out how to organize your goals within the Etsy system takes some time, you have to explore, and search, and try, and keep reading all the different resources.  I expect to have it all better organized in a few months and begin working out my strategy for the 2015 holiday selling season.

I am learning the social media links, too.  Etsy provides button options for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as far as I know.  I am learning to post my new listings as I make them, and trying to make the effort easier.  Facebook went to two pages and I still need to find out what happens if you have three pages associated with your Facebook account...and how to link different selling sites or activities to the right page/s.

I am trying to create a collage photo soon. I see them more and more, and I think the website I use for my photo editing (BeFunky.com) has a collage option so I will try it when I get more photos to combine.

I need to sell things to have the income to go on, and have to find a way to reach online customers. I haven't been able to do that in all these years of effort... but I am learning more now, and hope to find the path to income soon... especially for Working Together.  There are a lot of issues I am not able to deal with or control, so GOD has to intervene with them.  I am doing what I can.

Selling online is a great option for me, for my senior years, for the future... It can continue as long as I live, am healthy, or have someone to help me. 

I wrote in a Facebook post that I should have been a billionaire by now...actually, a long time ago.  I hope GOD provides the large incomes that Working Together needs so I can be an employee and not have to struggle so much...just to make it through each day.

Please continue to pray for those things for me.  Thanks.