18 NOV 2014 :: Finding a way through

Work, how do we define it?

We tend to say work is only what we get paid for...but that isn't realistic. There is a lot of work that doesn't get paid (household, parenting, volunteer, internships, self-education, learn-as-you-go, etc.).

Online selling efforts fit into this unpaid education category.  It takes time to figure it all out.  Then we find the thing that sells, that we want to do, that works for us.

I hope to make millions and billions... for myself and for Working Together.  Nothing can be achieved without money, and finding out how to create ongoing income is the challenge.  I hope I find at least some of the answers before I die.

Today I spent some time at Etsy again.  I am really looking for answers to creating the best site I can for next year. It takes a lot of time.  Today I played my second networking "game" since I have been exploring Etsy. Teams let sellers join together as a "power group" so they can all help each other. I have signed up for more than 30 teams because I am just trying to decide which ones I want to be more committed to. I now have to decide how many will be my limit.  Time is the big issue... how much time can we spare for each thing?  ...what is more important?  ...what are my limits?

I am looking at craft teams, selling teams, geographic teams, Christian teams, and giving teams.  I found a small team today that is focused on making scrap quilts for preemies... that wouldn't take a lot of time, and it would do some good, and it would be something the mother could take home with her (I think).  I love using scrap fabric, and I love making baby blankets, and I love scrap quilting.  Over the course of time, I should be able to make at least one preemie quilt a year...maybe more.

Craft teams are interesting to me because they are a group of people who are interested in the same craft you are... so there is a good place to ask questions, share ideas, post your projects, get opinions. I have found recycling teams, candle-making teams, crochet teams, mixed media teams, and others I don't remember right now.

There seems to be a large amount of Christian teams.  I have found around 3-5 so far, I think.  Discovered my first online Bible Study and started my own Bible verse thread to find out what other Christians see in the Bible and why.  It is a new activity for me.  There seems to be a negative bias toward Christians, and staff is really the key to that perspective.  Global websites are going to have great problems dealing with issues that are handled differently in separate countries.  I am not sure how the laws work in global business applications.  I see problems in America already.

How the Etsy programming works is an interest to me.  Finding out how the shop is set, what the variable options are, and what can apply to my goals is ongoing.  I have no idea how difficult it is to change operation points... I see things I like and things I don't like. 

I am looking forward to developing my craft interests and the sales I hope will result from them. It is my retirement plan.  I don't get much from Social Security. If the government financially collapses one day, I need to have other income.  Making and selling things I want to make is a natural goal for me. I hope I don't have ongoing problems with Etsy because of their activist staff members.  It is becoming an American tragedy.  :-(

I better get going if I want to have more listings done by Black Friday... that is kind of my goal date for this year.  I won't have a lot of things to sell this year, but next year should be really great... as long as some health issues and money problems don't interfere.  I have been depending on GOD to help me through this.  I am hoping that will happen real soon.        Amen!