20 NOV 2014 :: The end of the week.

Sorry to report that today has become a bad day for my body, but I got most of my duties done in the early morning hours.  I will be resting again soon.   ---  The most important thing about retirement is your health.  Remember that. You can't do anything unless you are healthy and can get around.  :-)

I have been enjoying visiting Etsy shops that are operated by people all over the world.  I think shipping is an issue, but once you know where they are, you can make your purchasing decision with that in mind. If I ever need a particular gift sent to someone in Bali, and I know an Etsy seller there, I can buy something to send to that person from the Etsy seller.  It goes for all the online retailers.  We just have to create our own records and figure it out.  :-)

Well, maybe I can work on my craft and photo ideas this weekend, in spurts.  :-)

Enjoy your day. I may be back later!  :-)