22 DEC 2014 :: It's almost Christmas !

It's almost here... Christmas Eve, Christmas Day.  I wonder what this year is like for everyone else. Is it a good year? a bad year?   I wonder who is celebrating Christmas, who celebrates Hanukkah, who doesn't celebrate anything.  With my efforts to learn Etsy at the holidays, I have a need to watch the selling season unfold online. And I still have some gifts to finish.  :-)

I don't think I will share my special Christmas writing this year. I am trying to decide whether to make it into a gift tag, a notecard, or some other format for selling. I may just use it with my planned ornament collections.

23 DEC 2014  
I didn't get back to finish this post on Monday night... sorry.
I was revising my PayPal links for my website,
and creating a new listing for Etsy... didn't get done until about 3:30 AM this morning.
I just totally forgot to come back and get this posted.

I am sorry for that.

Now, I need to go make today's post, too! 
Feels like the holidays --  and I still haven't finished my gifts!   :-)