18 DEC 2014 :: Moving toward 2015...

I made a (tentative) decision to start a craft-related blog and make weekly posts on Fridays... It seems to be the best way to separate the activities I am moving toward.  I will try to get that organized by January, to make it a full year effort... January thru December.

 :-)  This will be interesting. I have some ideas for the blog, but not that many.  I am thinking I will share the sites and products and business articles I come across in my own search for answers. 

Today I spent some time organizing my Yahoo email site/s.  My contacts, notes, calendar... all have been avoided for years.  I especially need to get going on a notification calendar because I check my emails on most days.  I am hoping to see how helpful these things are.

I think Yahoo may have a blog option, if I remember right. I am trying to decide which site to start the new blog at.  I want to separate my WT and personal efforts as much as I can.

I was up very late last night reading a lot of things on Etsy and searching for the best way to build my shop site. I also looked at a few of the Etsy videos available... I still have one or two more to get through.  I long for the day when I can make my own videos.  I think it is a great way to share information.

Linking to other sites from Facebook and other places is becoming a really negative experience.  I keep going to find out information, and end up on a site I would rate extra-R or nearly-X because of the site ads and other choices... the ads make your computer barely function.  I am making a list of sites I will never go back to again unless there is a REALLY urgent need... and I doubt that will happen.  :-(

I can see that the future will be finding the sites you want to participate in, and forgetting the rest.  I am hoping to be part of the Christian movement toward that commitment.

I pray every day about the funding needed to accomplish better choices and resources for the Christian and Jewish communities.  It may not be my task, but GOD is doing something with my life that will lead toward it.