4 DEC 2014 :: End of week review

Spent much of the day trying to start some art and craft projects I hope to list and sell.  :-)   After finishing a handmade card for one of my sons, and then another one for my mother.  Money is very low for me, so stamps have been an issue.  I was rummaging for some of my craft supplies and found some... that was a present for me!  :-)  Found some card envelopes to use, too.  Hopefully, I will be able to get them ready to mail tomorrow or Saturday.  

I use to send out homemade cards with the news of the year...then I went to regular cards.  The number decreased as the years went by and money problems were a seasonal issue.  I barely send out any now... but I hope to rebuild my list before I go (to heaven).  I think I will work on a stencil design for next year. I have been wanting to do stencil creations for some time.  With Etsy, I can make sets to sell, too.

Found some things to list at eBay today, too.  I will do that later.  Right now I am catching up with my computer tasks.  I entered my daily verse early this morning.

I don't know that I want to comment on the racial issues America is facing, and its associated police issues.  I would have to write pages of opinion and experience.  I am close to watching the news, maybe I will save this as a draft (at approximately 5:45 pm PST) and finish it later.  I am sure there will be something to comment on.

Talk to you then.


Here I am again... didn't hear a lot of news... checked my Facebook, emails, etc.   Most of the talk is the same --  police associated deaths... immigration and the President...   Not sure why I don't get more info from groups I have liked.  Will have to check on that.  :-)

I answered a post by the Hagee ministry... asking for comments on the economy for their coming radio program.  Here are the questions, and then my reply.  I suppose it is worth sharing.  You will need to prepare for the future, too.


John Hagee Ministries

We are preparing for next week's Hagee Hotline with Pastor Matt, and he has asked us to get
your opinion. So let us know what you think about:
1. What are your concerns about your personal finances? How are you planning for your
financial future? Is it more difficult to plan for your family today than it was 10 years ago?
 2. Are you concerned about rising prices globally, locally? What concerns you most about the
global economy and how it might directly affect your family?
 3. What concerns you most about our national (or global) financial status?

[My comment, with the errors I made in my terrible typing and lack of proofreading.  :-)  ]

1. I start early social security retirement in 2015 and don't get my first payment of $375 until
the end of February... My only income for some time has been less than $200 a month in food
stamps... and I think it was 2 cash gifts of about $150 for all of 2014. -- 2. I think the hidden
crisis is famine... growing in the USA as well. GOD judges nations by drought, famine,
pestilence, and war. I think America is deep into all of them. My opinion about the End Times
(now) is that the churches need to prepare for the change in support, from receiving to giving
to the needs of their congregations and communities. It may start as a trickle, but it's going to
be continuous and grow as the years pass by. The loss of money to give to organized charities
is going to affect the world. We support a lot of people in a lot of places... and we won't be able
to do that anymore. 3. -- America's huge debt/defidit is our greates issue, and Obamacare is
causing a ripple effect that will grow and destroy many other government programs. Medical
costs cannot be contained... only regulated by not paying for them. Christians are going to
lose everything they have built up and invested in, and depend upon, if/when the US
economy falls... who will there be to help them? How will the churches they have supported all
their lives be able to support them? --- In the market crash of 1929, people lost at least half of
their wealth, if they had any left. Retirement funds are all realated to stocks, bonds, gold,
commodities, etc. --- We may have GOD, but the numbers of needy and the seriousness of
their needs are going to have to be prepared for. http://work2gather.us


I'm sure you could comment on the questions, too.  Find them on Facebook, or maybe you can reach them online at  http://www.jhm.org