12 JAN 2015 :: Blogging updates

I think I am going to be tied to a computer for the rest of my life.  :-) 

As I work out my new blogging strategy, choosing the right topics and the number of blogs to work toward is my first challenge. My list of things to do is already too large, and my budget remains small.

I do believe it might be the best path for separating the programs and beginning to share information that applies to each program.  I had planned to do email newsletters, but this is more achievable for me at this time.

I am creating Crafts Explored as an outreach for my Etsy shop, but later, as I have to let things go, it may become a tool for Working Together's income generation for itself and members, including inmates and their families.

Working Together currently has the following planned programs ::

  • Working Together Inc. and its corporate programs, including publishing, manufacturing, employment, housing and outreach programs, and tithe distributions
  • Membership :: Christian Community and General Public 
  • International CORD (Christian Online Resource Directory) :: Christian, Public, and Employment listings
  • Action Prayer and Praise
  • Bible Growth Groups
  • Firstfruits Ministries :: Politics and Life Issues
  • Inmate Project :: Prisons, Inmates, and their Families, including income options
  • Essay 321 :: Weekly essay competition
  • Recipe Exchange :: Yearly competition and other food issues

This blog will continue as the general corporate blog, but I had planned to create newsletters for several of the main programs, like CORD, Action Prayer and Praise, Firstfruits Ministries, and Inmate Project. I wasn't sure whether Essay 321 and Recipe Exchange needed an ongoing outreach. Bible Growth Groups is a different kind of program.

As I have stated, the blog for prison issues is being created next.

How to deal with the food, shelter, and employment issues of basic survival is not an easy decision. Each one of those topics would have enough material for its own blog. Important issues in these categories are gardening, farming, ranching, and water issues. Affordable shelter is critical, staff housing will be essential. Creating jobs for Christians is going to become more and more important as the problems we face grow.

I do hope GOD will provide the finances needed to establish and grow WT before it is my time to leave this earth, but I don't know that He will.  My task is just to keep going forward to the best of my ability...and that is what I do.

Please pray for me, for WT, and for the future of the Body of Christ.  Thank you for every prayer.

When I am able to create order forms in PDF formats, I will share them with you. Please consider becoming a member of Working Together. It is membership that will join us together and allow us to keep in touch as the times change, preparing resource options for as many as possible.  Membership is for individuals, businesses and ministries will have CORD as an opportunity to connect and create resource options in each area.

Things are changing, and we know that we will lose the final battle, but we can prepare for the road we have to travel to reach the Antichrist.