14 JAN 2015 :: Goals and their obstacles

I wasn't going to enter a post tonight...but here I am.

I had a "stress test" for my heart today, and it was quite an experience. I had to give up caffeine for 24 hours before the test, and also fast for four hours before the test... I was very hungry by the time it was over (way past lunchtime!).

Using the bus as my transportation is a big expense for me... usually $5 for a day pass... so I try to get as much done as I can.  I think I pushed myself too much, but made it back home and later went to bed early. I really didn't care about blogs at the time.

I suppose goals are something that need help as time goes by and the initial enthusiasm goes away. Sounds like New Year's Resolutions, doesn't it. I want to keep up my goal to blog Monday through Thursday, and now to add Friday for my crafts. I guess this need to keep going on this goal is what brings me here this late in the day.  :-)

Tomorrow is another day...as GOD allows, I will keep going.