13 JAN 2015 :: Learning the Blogger system

In trying to organize my blog plans, I am learning how to use blogger.com --- it is becoming a challenge.  I have been trying to gather possible names for the topics I want to cover, and can't seem to get them to register with my account.  Not sure why, but I am trying to find out. 

After I secured the names, I planned to delete the ones I don't want to continue with. That was the plan anyway, I'm not sure what the reality will be.  :-)

In my search for answers, I have discovered I can have 100 blogs, but can't seem to get past the first five names I entered. I deleted one as an effort to replace it with one I liked better, before I found out about the 100, but that didn't work. My new name effort still didn't load. Now I have 4 live names and one in temporary delete.

Computers are wonderful, but they are very technical... you have to do exactly the right thing to get it to work the way you want it to, or that you have to do it to get the information to enter.  I hope I can find a way past this problem... I am really searching for permanent blog names that are available... and should load into my account.

Otherwise, I have added some information and links about my blog efforts on my home page for Working Together.  ( http://work2gather.us )  I am working toward printable forms (PDFs) and hope to find a sales avenue -  finally.  There are other serious problems I am dealing with, and praying about, but they are in GOD's Hands.

My health issues are also still a problem. I am working through them. Please realize I will enter my posts as long as I am able to... as often as I am able to.  I believe GOD knows what is happening and is creating a path to the future. I feel my task is to meet each day the best I can, and keep moving in the direction of helping the Body of Christ to survive as long as possible.

I did manage to secure the blog title SHELTER FOR ALL. That will be a good title for shelter issues.

Now I am trying to find the best titles for  food  and  prison  and  political/life  issues.  If I really have 100 blog options, I should be able to find some great titles, eventually.   :-)

Enjoy your days, and pray for WT and for me.  Working Together will help us all, once it gets the funding base it needs.