3 FEB 2015 :: Networking Games

Today is the day for my first  BNR game at an Etsy team.  The team is Christian Crafters in Business, and BNR  means "Buy n Replace" in a team treasury.  What happens is that people buy an item from one of the treasury shops and then can replace the space with an item they want to promote.

As I have explained in other posts, here or at crafts-explored.blogspot.com ,  treasuries are a collection of up to 16 different listings from 16 different shops on Etsy.  Some are exceptional. You have to browse at the main treasury page, or link from the profile page of a shop you are already at.  Treasuries encourage sellers to help each other by not promoting themselves, but by highlighting shops and listings that they like.

Someone was kind enough to purchase one of my writings, which was my very first order on Etsy.  I have already said I need to frame my printed order like brick-and-mortar stores use to frame their first sale as a one dollar bill.  :-)  That would be great.  Since I laminate everything that is important to protect, I may laminate my first copy and make another for my other records.  :-)

Part of the process is sharing the news of your team event.  I made posts on Facebook and Twitter, made posts on Etsy Forums called Promos, and remembered to include my Crafts page on FB and an Etsy group I just joined on FB.  It was quite a task.  I am trying to decide how to get the word out for the next BNR the team has.

I also discovered the effects of time zones on events like this.  The Curator is on the East Coast, I am on the West Coast of the USA... I don't know if there are global team members.  I can see that the leadership role is long and draining. I have to discover the hours that the event was open and active. I think it had to be at least 12 hours, but I'm not sure.  In a global environment, the main location affects any event's reach... in time, in sharing, in ability to participate.  I'm not sure how this is handled in the corporate world, I am learning all this for myself.

I hope you enjoy exploring the networking process I have shared with you.  It is probably similar to other sales sites.  The parts are all connected...and learning the way they are connected is the challenge sellers have for EACH site they are established at.

Who ever said selling online was easy?   (Don't believe them!!!)