2 FEB 2015 :: Plan your work. Work your plan.

My goodness... it sure is hard to work a schedule!   :-)

I think I shared in this blog about watching a video from one of the blogs I have been exploring ::  artbizcoach.com with Alyson B Stanfield.  The blog is focused on creative people and how to build a business selling creative works.  If you follow the link, you will see the email sign-up offer, which is the video series I am referring to. 

The first video was about creating a permanent "studio time" -- which is time to make your craft, whether it is art, fiber, clay, music, books, etc.  This has been a challenge for me for a long time.  Over the weekend I was trying to decide on the best time to commit to, but by Monday I still didn't know.  So all day today I have been trying to find the best time to work on what I will sell.

I originally thought mornings would be the best, but there are so many things to catch up with, and it's not always my best time of day. Neither are evenings, when I seem to end up doing blog posts of my own.  I know these could be considered part of my craft work (business), but I am trying to find the best time for artwork, beading, writing, fabrics, etc.  It may be that my optimum time to commit to is before lunch and after lunch.  I will have to try that out.

On the workspace... well, I'm living in one small room so finding a space and getting all my supplies together and organized is more of a challenge, but I found a possible answer to my need for an art table.  I will try that out tomorrow, too.  Seeing other crafters work spaces is encouraging... and once I get my process organized and flowing, I hope to see a quick fulfillment of my listing goals for 2015.  I missed January, but we'll see how we do for February... maybe we can catch up and go beyond the goal.

I am crawling forward... slowly, as usual -- doing the best I can right now.

I guess I have overtaxed my body and it is rebelling... I will have to get going for now. 

I'm working on blogging about some of the major issues of poverty and Working Together, but that will have to wait right now...  I am beginning to get a better focus on my Crafts Explored blog, which is mostly Etsy shops that I favor right now, but will expand as I find other crafts and creators.

One day at a time is the only way I know to survive...
it's all we're promised
and all we have to spend. 

May the GOD of heaven, the Creator of our "eco-system called Earth, and the omnipotent ruler of our existence, look down on those who love Him and provide for all their needs. Amen.