2 JUNE 2015 :: Short message about my crowdfunding effort on TWITTER

Well, my JUNE experiment in crowd-funding through   twitter   and my   fiverr.com/work2gather   gigs (especially my GIFT gig  :-)  has begun.  I don't know how much I will post, but I am trying to just add them when I can, and leaving spaces between posts.  It will be interesting to me to keep track of my efforts and see how they work out.  

Social media is still a strange concept to me, and I have been spending less time at Twitter than Facebook.  This will help me to visit Twitter daily and watch the patterns of posts as I go.  I am thinking of looking for that automatic posting software for social media.  If I try this on other sites, I will need it!  And the software can keep track of any responses that are produced.

I am trying to limit my efforts to Twitter and Fiverr... but I am not sure that is a great idea.  I may change that for the last half of the month.  That will give me time to get my website figured out... I keep mentioning    work2gather.us    as well...which is one of the business efforts I am trying to develop.

I would like to have enough response to deal with my immediate needs and then be able to plan for and develop the programs I would like to establish... for inmates, for missions, for Christians living in many different communities, for food issues, and more.

I have been trying to establish crowd-funding accounts at Kickstarter, FaithLauncher, GoFundMe, and any other place that will help WT to achieve its goals, or me to meet my needs.  It hasn't been a full effort, but an ongoing learning effort.  As my funds increase, I can hire help and accomplish more.  It is that way for everything.

I guess I still need "start-up funding" and now need more that the original $50,000 I hoped to raise...and that would be for WT's goals, maybe $50K for each program, maybe more by now...a lot more.   :-(   I felt it would be good for me to start with that amount because it is the maximum amount I would invest in other Christian businesses through Working Together. 

Well, there are many details I don't want to share here.  I would be very grateful if you will pray for my quest... for GOD's blessings on my needs, my work, my efforts.  Thanks.