23 JUNE 2015 :: Housing & notes about other things

One more class left for this RENT WELL program.  I am thinking of attending another one to see how it is presented... maybe even a third after that.  My major challenge for today's class was creating a "cover letter" for my applications for housing.  I'm not sure it is a valid activity anymore, so many applications are online, and that means they only allow you to fill in their blanks.  I am planning to fill in a few online applications soon.  I guess I will find out then.

I am wondering how I will do financially if I can't increase my income through my craft sales at work2gather.etsy.com and fiverr.com/work2gather... and other online sales sites.  Subsidized housing takes 30% of the little I have... a great deal for my budget, but still a large amount.  I am wondering how I will make it.  Much of my problems have been not having money to develop my sales goals, which also translates into income when it works.  I can only keep trying... and get better at it as I keep trying.  :-)

I continue to pray for land and ownership... a place to live in until I die... a place to begin the building process, and work, and live, and grow.  I wish this for all the poor... especially young families.

I have been watching the PBS series on the Roosevelts, and tonight is the final program.  Right now they are talking about Eleanor Roosevelt after the death of FDR.  I didn't realize she had to endure so many affairs of her husband and other things.  I have always admired her for "being the feet of the President" in matters that concerned the poor.  If we put a woman on one of the bills we use for money, I think she deserves that honor.

Well, I still need to do my Twitter campaign for today... and make my list of things to get done.  I will meet you here again some time tomorrow, GOD willing.