26 JUNE 2015 :: Sorry for the delayed post

Some days are better or worse than others, depending on how you see it.  Yesterday was not a good day and I decided not to post.  I am still recovering from yesterday, but want to get something written here.  I hope no one was distressed.

  • I am still not feeling well, and dealing with all the same issues as I wait on GOD, but...
  • I am continuing to post my thankfulness messages at Facebook... 
  • but I haven't decided about my Bible verse posts...where to locate them, how to proceed, what to share.  I will have to make a decision soon... just think of me as being on vacation.  :-)
  • My Twitter #crowdfunding campaign is nearly over...the 30th will be the last day for those.  Then I will be trying to figure out posting with @ signs instead of #'s   :-)
  • I am reading as much as I can about business, crowdfunding, marketing, sales, and all those topics. With my focus on poverty and prison reforms and changing the world, I find a lot of other topics to read about, too...like shelter options, financing, and senior needs.
  • Budgets are always in process.
  • And there is always the regular life stuff like dishes and laundry and eating.
That's what is going on right now... as well as my crafts being developed.

I am looking forward to seeing an amazing act of GOD one of these days.  I hope it is SOON !!!  :-)