3 JUNE 2015 :: Long day, busy day

I want to try to get this done in the few minutes left of Wednesday (3 June), but may not make it.  :-)

Today was my Salvation Army Sale Day, and I needed to go get some clothes.  I found one blouse and was too exhausted to keep looking.  I did find lots of picture frames to refurbish and use for my art and Etsy efforts.  I found some great book resources.  AND I finally found a copy of the old movie  "Overboard."  There aren't many audio tapes left, but I found a sermon set by Charles Stanley, my most favorite of many radio preachers.  I like my SA days... it is a fun shopping event for me.

I am on Day 3 of my Twitter crowd-funding campaign... which started late and will continue a bit longer.  Then we will try to do better on Day 4.   :-)  

It looks like I will be ending here...not sure I can write more right now.

Pray that GOD will deal with the issues I am seeking Him about.  Thanks.