8 JUNE 2015 :: Discovering the social media platform and other life issues

I spent almost all day on Sunday posting a wide variety of funding and topical messages for my Twitter campaign.  I have been trying to find out when the busiest posting times are on Twitter.  When I get online, I try to watch the waiting post numbers and then post my own messages every 50, 100, etc., or every so many minutes.  Because I was online a long time on Sunday, I ended up with almost fifty postings at Twitter and one post at Facebook.  I entered related prayer requests at my Christian teams on Etsy on Saturday.  Learning about this social media process is very challenging.

Now that I am trying to share my quest over a month-long time period, finding words to write is becoming an issue.  I thought about using the same statements, by re-tweeting, but I wasn't able to do that when I finally tried.  So, I am destined to write in my posts anew each time.   :-)   This is asking for money a thousand different ways.

When I shortened the character limit on this one, it made me think of the rock group...  :-)

needed 2 build 4 hardships ahead. Has called U 2 share $5 for its cause at

This one was an experiment in hashtags...another process I am learning about.  Next, I have to learn about the (at) sign messaging process.

This is in a way. Go 2 2 my gig to . $5 minimum, but U can more.

This is one of my messages about the purpose of Working Together without a request for funding.
-where will U turn if U must choose & turn away from the ? What does say of the ? - work2gather.us

I am trying to understand why some web addresses turn into links and others do not.  I add the http beginning to some.

This post focuses on the application to crowdfunding I am trying to make.

Can U see at ? I do. This is my effort to reach U with my financial needs and share my story.


Each day is a different schedule for me so I will be able to try different parts of the 24-hour clock. It is really hard to keep asking for money like this.  I haven't been this active as a "fundraiser" before... I tend to "put something out there" and then see what GOD does with it.  This Twitter campaign is about the only "marketing" budget I have.  I hope GOD blesses it so I can begin to accomplish some of the goals I have been developing for myself and for Working Together.

My housing class is progressing.  I am trying to see myself in a place I can actually live and grow and build in...but I think I need to buy a house rather than rent.  The rental contract doesn't allow anyone to help others, even their own children.  This is one reason I think promoting home ownership is the best answer for many homeless families and individuals...including creating coops, creating partnerships, creating small homes that are affordable and keep people out of the elements, creating campgrounds that act as permanent housing for those who want to live outside (or cannot keep a traditional home because of their addictions or other issues), and more.   If someone's only income is Social Security, they can pay on their mortgage as easily as they can pay on rent...but they will be building an income for later...and not be kicked out of their housing again.  Stability is the most important thing.  Ownership gives people, individuals or families, stability.

In my housing class the focus is on spending and saving, setting goals, trying to overcome the problems that the past brings into the future, and building a better life.  One of the assignments is to keep track of your spending for one week. I have done this in the past and it was very pivotal in my self-help efforts to change my bank account balance.  :-)  That was many years ago, but the process keeps going.

My life wouldn't fit on the page that the program provided, so I made my own. Then I adapted my design for general use.  I am hoping that it will eventually become a useful tool for many.  One of the pages I designed became a great reflection of goals and keeping track of your spending on the way.  I will be trying it out as soon as I can.  I have found that what I design doesn't always work right when I start using it to record real numbers, so I try to use my creations and make sure they function well.

This all reminds me that my regular schedule is totally out of control.  I will need to update the best I can and hope that it all gets back on track soon.  I really need more space... one small room just doesn't allow the activities I need to accomplish.  I hope you will pray for my great needs...and then go to my crowdfunding gig and contribute.  :-)    Thanks.