10 AUG 2015 :: WHO really won the Republican debate? My two cents.

I guess I will comment on the Republican debate...  a bit late, but there seems to be some "afterglow" from the moment still.

It is hard to know whether real debate occurred...the lead up to the event was focused on Donald Trump, and the debate was focused on Donald Trump, and the post-debate attention is still including Donald Trump.  Is this good?  I don't know. 

I would rather deal with all the serious problems we are facing as a nation...and find out how others think they can be solved.  The next president will have to deal with all those issues, including the economy that is teetering even though we like to hear only that it is recovering...AND all the other problems we haven't even considered. 

Isn't it important to know how each candidate sees the solutions (they are willing to commit to) for those problems?  It will give us an idea into how they will meet problems they don't know are coming. 

I am amazed that anyone is being declared the "winner" of the debate...  I didn't get to see it because I can't afford cable and the computer link I finally discovered didn't operate very well.  I tried Twitter to see what it meant to follow something on the Twitter-feed, that was not very informative, but it was an experience to remember.  :-)

I hope to find a better way to see any future debates.

At a personal level, I am still working on my food plans ::  food choices, food portions, meal planning, all to help me get healthier and lose some of my unwanted pounds.  I am going through so much reading material and trying to organize it on Excel forms so I can make a plan to live by.  It seems to be coming into some form of success.  (And I am losing some weight, little by little... which is a real celebration after many years of trying to get all this new information to make sense.  :-)

At a craft level, I am a failure.   It is so terrible.  I am trying to find a solution to that part of my life, too.  I have to make time to just create what is in my heart to make... and keep building my supplies from what I have.  Doing that is the challenge.

I have realized that AUGUST of each year will be a primary creation time for me... so I will have to make sure I organize my time and supplies for that.  SEPTEMBER will have to be my month to list all my holiday offerings.

I was trying to upload a copy of my efforts at meal planning, but wasn't able to find out how to do that with Blogger... I hope to figure it out eventually. 

I did find the photo below again....

I have been wondering who the original owner is -- the one that created it.  I think it would be such a great sticker for using in a lot of places, including mailed letters, etc. -- maybe even a postcard campaign, or a billboard, or magazine.  I suppose it may have already traveled those routes, but I found it on Facebook one day and loved it!  :-)

If you know who has the publishing rights, please let me know. 

Isn't it a great design?!!   I really like it.   :-)

I suppose that is enough for now.  I will be trying to learn more about my options with Blogger so I can slowly improve my blogging topics and information sharing.

I can't believe it is August already... the time goes by way too fast...  I want a replay !!!!   :-)

I am contemplating some serious topics to start sharing...especially as we get deeper into the selection of the next President and other legislators.