Wednesday, 23 SEP 2015 :: How does GOD speak to us?

I have been really tired of eating my "survival food" this month, not going anywhere, being in my small room too much, and craving something that wouldn't be so good for me -- like fried foods or dessert or chips...maybe chocolate.  McDonald's has been calling my name for weeks!  I thought today would be a great time to finally get some decent food (fresh fruits and veggies) and maybe look for other things on my "I want to get" list.

Then I realized I hadn't made a budget yet.  I know that if I went shopping without creating at least a rough budget, I would be in trouble.  I have a lot of things that I need to look for.  I had made a few lists, to make sure I purchased the most important things first, but not a real list.  I decided I would do that before I left the house.  It wound up taking me all day!!! 

I couldn't find my file so I had to make a new format.  As I worked through the budget for this month, I kept remembering other things that had to be included, so I would revise the budget to fit the forgotten item into it.  I think I will be OK with what I have created, but sleeping on a budget draft is always a good idea.  When you look at again, with fresh eyes, you find things you missed.

Plans are a good to have.  I need to find a way to organize and implement my plans better.

The sovereignty of GOD is a constant topic in my plans.  I am searching for reasons why things don't always turn out the way I want them to.  :-)  And looking for the details I need to make new plans.  How does GOD let these things be known?  How do I know my information is from GOD?

This is never an easy situation. 

There are parts of the Bible that say GOD establishes our thoughts, that He guides the events of our lives to lead us in the directions He wants us to go.  When you don't have a clear path to walk, it is better to go slowly, or wait for a better indication of GOD's Will for you.  I have not always seen the best way to know GOD's Will... until it is past, until I am on the other side of my efforts, until I am looking back at what happened in my life.  In the middle of chaos, pain, struggle, devastation, it is hard to see the reasons GOD has allowed something in your life.  You just keep going.

I wrote SERVANTS at a point in life when I was more deeply involved in reading the Bible and studying it and looking for answers.  I still believe the message it carries. 
Even our enemies are used by GOD
to accomplish His Will.
Judas is an example of this, Saul/Paul is an example, the conquering armies that overcame Israel/Judah are an example of this.  Finding the Will of GOD in your life makes you see conflict in a whole different way.  It also makes you examine yourself more , especially when there are problems you can't control, can't solve, can't overcome. 

Our problems, our needs, are what drive us to prayer, to study.

Look for "the still small voice" of GOD in the hidden moments, the less obvious details, of what you are facing.  GOD is in the people, the places, the problems that you are dealing with... He has allowed them in your life for a reason.