Monday, 9 NOV 2015 :: Internet distractions

I barely made it here (to post) before midnight, but it is still Monday... Tonight I got distracted by YouTube videos.  I was researching the costs of some supplies I need, and one page offered a link to a video tutorial or something.  I watched that one, and then discovered more great topics to watch... for hours.

This is a continuing battle for me and I don't know if I will ever win it!  :-)

I am not alone in fighting this time-consuming enemy.  I read business articles that talk about controlling your time with emails, with social media, etc.  One day, I was trying to figure out how much information I would be able to gather in ten minutes on Facebook. 

My main complaint is that I want to connect with certain people and groups first, and then go from there.  I did discover a way to put one of the pages I follow at the top of my Facebook feed, but I would like to create a larger priority list. I have started using the "stop following this post" option for as many as I can.  I am even using the stop ALL posts from some of the items that get shared to my timeline.  I am considering making separate pages for different groups of people (family, friends, work) to see if that will help, but I will still need more than ten minutes a day to check on what is happening in the rest of the world
I think it was 60 Minutes this weekend that had a segment on one of the scientists that discovered the smallest molecule so far -- the one that is attached to that huge machine they made to prove it exists.  I smiled when they said he doesn't watch TV.  I think they said he doesn't have a cell phone either, but I can't remember right now.  It made me wonder if I could return to that kind of detached life again.  I don't know how I could right now.  I like to hear the news because I currently don't have access to a daily newspaper.

On to a new thought...

I am praying for my future these days.  There are a lot more things that you have no control over when you are older... and you seriously have to begin planning for the day you will no longer exist.  The possibility of serious medical situations grows.  And I am growing more and more aware of how greatly End Time prophecies are going to change our lives.  I am now trying to plan a different life than I thought I would have.

These issues are not something I am facing alone... they are the same issues that many other seniors are facing.

We seem to think that America's people will always be good and kind and caring and giving, and wealthy.  Our country survives by the level of our shopping... and technology is changing the job markets. Many of the things we have grown us to having, and expect to continue, may fall away with the loss of spendable income... including morality, family, law, respect, equality, honesty, peace...

There are so many actions, activities, and perspectives that are attached to what matters in our lives... to how we survive, and thrive in our existence.  I think they are attached to GOD, and our faith in Him.  I don't know how we can keep what makes life good without keeping our faith in GOD.

I suppose I will have to fight this internet battle again tomorrow...  I hope I do better.