Thursday, 5 NOV 2015 :: So glad it's Thursday

I discovered my eBay store again  --  what a day!   I have no idea how much updating I will have to do, but it is on my list of things to get done. 

I need to get some items listed there.  I discovered the photo requirements page in the process of looking for everything.  I am trying to collect all the different requirements for my selling/photo requiring sites.

Maybe I can find some good items to photograph and try to sell there... I hope I can figure out how to take some decent pictures with my camera.  I did discover that the lighting in my room may be part of the problem.  No wonder the sites all recommend "natural light" from a window... it seems one kind of light bulb makes your photos look yellow, and another kind of light bulb make them look blue.  I also discovered a setting to check.  We will all find out by next week... right!?   :-)   I hope so.

I also looked at a bunch of categories to see what the prices were like and what kinds of items they had available for purchasing.

I'm not sure I will do much at eBay... it is a hard site to browse.  Every time you change the page, you have to re-choose all the filters.  I don't want to buy first from other countries... but the US only filter keeps going away. It is a time-consuming and frustrating issue.  When it started happening again, I remembered the last time I was there.  Having the option to look at products in another country is good, but I want to avoid a lot of shipping issues and I want to buy US first.

I'm pretty tired, and I can see I am cranky.  I will be changing my blog writing habits so I will let this go for now.

I did make my first "bid" on a product tonight.  That was interesting.

I think my shop address is   --- so you can keep checking on me and watch how I develop things.   :-)    Contact me with any suggestions you may have... I need them!  :-)