Thursday, 19 NOV 2015 :: my shelves arrived - see you next week !

I finally received most of the items I ordered online...only two more to go!

I put together one of the shelves I ordered... the simple metal one.  :-)  It should work out well for what I wanted it to do.  We'll find out....

The other two shelving units are a bit heavier... and will need major time to put together.  I hear that this is a common issue with furniture these days... having to put it together yourself and having problems in the process.  :-)  This will be fun. 

My most important purchase, a special pan with a handle that allows you to pour out the contents like a pitcher, is really wonderful.  I can't wait to try it out. 

As I go about my room changes, I will be looking for things to sell on eBay, and maybe on Etsy as vintage items. Hopefully, I will be able to generate some income ... finally.

I don't want to share any more about my day, so I will let you go now... but I may add some posts through the weekend.  I am seeing that I need to lessen my blog time, but haven't decided how to do that yet.  There is a lot more I would like to share, but it all takes time... I haven't found that time yet.

Enjoy your days...