16 SEP 2014 :: On the way to the future

My days bring many things...challenges, familiarity, new information, goal sorting, finding my limits... I guess getting old is really a new path. It affects every area of my life...energy, food, time, rest, money, and plans. I make lists of things to get done, but can't always get to them because of unexpected changes.

My normal routines are off because I have some added chores right now. Garden watering, dog and cat and chicken care, and general cleaning I wanted to do. The need to do more than I normally do has shown me my physical limits and is forcing me to lower my expectations for the future and/or refocus my goals to something that can be achieved.

My goals have suffered these days, but I am always looking for a new way to organize my lists, how to work through the problems I deal with, and how to "seize the opportunities" by finding what I can get done. 

In my goal research, I discovered there are about ten hours a day that we really can use to accomplish our life goals -- including family/friend/church/school time, work commitments, travel associated with our goals, and any time needed to think, to plan, to research, etc. Anything that goes beyond sleeping, personal care, food prep and eating, housework, and all those living requirements would be included in the 10 hour limit.

It really isn't much time. Most important goals take a long time. We have to keep our focus going for weeks, months, years, even lifetimes. The main issue becomes creating realistic goals for each day, week, month, and year. This is an ongoing process for me, and I think it must be for everyone else that wants to find a way to reach their goals. It seemed so impossible before I sat down to understand the process of setting goals. Now goals seem possible once I can break them down into realistic, achievable pieces.
  • What can actually be achieved in my limited time every week?
  • How do I plan the things I need to get done?
  • Who do I count on to help?
  • What if there are unexpected interruptions?
  • Will I ever give up?
I go through this evaluation all over again when I have weeks like these. I get fatigued, physically overwhelmed, financially burdened, and frustrated. It makes me look again at what my life means, how I want to spend it, and what I actually can control.

My senior issues make the journey more difficult, but not any worse than other age issues. I just have to understand this part of my life and refigure the goal lists...praying always that GOD will be kind and help me to do what I feel is essential.

Again, please pray for me, too.