24 SEP 2014 :: Christmas planning...crafts and listings and sales

I just watched a great little YouTube tutorial on making beads from packaging. I would like to be able to do something like that. Someday I hope to branch out into videos of some kind. One of my long-term goals has always been to do documentaries on poverty and prison topics, now food and water issues have been added to that. I think the GoPro camera will help me to make videos. It isn't really expensive so I hope to be able to own one someday soon.

The beads made from recycled materials looked pretty good on the camera. I didn't have the volume on so I don't know what was said, but I want to try one at least and see if I want to adapt the process for any of my projects. You may want to look at it too: http://youtu.be/nWbT8zDyaVQ   -- jennibelle is the video creator. It takes a little over 16 minutes to watch and, naturally, you have to get through an ad before you can watch it.  :-) 

I was happy to be able to watch any video after the last time I tried.

I decided to try the share options at the YouTube page for the video. I put it on my Pinterest page, used Google+ to share it with myself, and shared it on Facebook. I am trying to learn how these social media options work so I can incorporate them into my future activities. It is an interesting web of sharing. I don't know how it works in a technical way, but I hope to find the best way through the rest of my life.

My original link to YouTube was a completely different video. I decided to save that one to watch later. I don't know where it went to. I wasn't at my own YouTube account, but YouTube is associated with Google. I will have to wait and see if I can still access the video I saved. If it went away when I closed the window it was in, I will never be able to find it again...most likely.

I have been working on my goal planning sheets today, trying to decide what I want to do about Christmas on Etsy. I am trying to fit my time and health limits into a reasonable goal, looking for good items to make and list, trying to find the best way to organize my personal space. I may be able to create a decent amount of listings for this sales season. It depends on what I create.

I also decided to suspend my fiverr.com/work2gather gig until I can make a plan for that site. I entered my objections into a customer support form and hope to hear back from them in time. If they are planning to add a limiting option to the sales process, I probably won't be told, but I asked anyway. While I was at my site, I changed some photos and revised my profile statement. I'm sure it is much better than the last one. :-)  I hope to get all my site connections organized and "filled in" as my planning process continues...maybe by the end of October.

If any of you are pro-life, the Oregon Right to Life office is doing a fundraising auction on the 27th. They have their donations on a site page. If you can find something you like, or want to attend, or they still have raffle ticket left, you can all the information at  http://www.ortl.org 

I am still in need of your prayers for my own situations, getting more grave as the days pass. Ask GOD to answer soon!  Thanks.

It's about time to end this post...hope that your life is finding GOD's Will for you.