24 FEB 2015 :: Basic Needs and preparing for the future

The Bible tells us that food and clothing are basic needs, we tend to increase that list to food, clothing, shelter, and more, depending on our situation.  In my efforts on behalf of Working Together, I have been creating a list of things that will need to be covered, and their priority in the economic process. 

Food -  which leads to growing and processing and preserving all that we need to eat each year
Clothing - which means we have to share what we have, and create new items ourselves
Shelter - which means COMMUNITY living
Utilities - which means off-the-grid survival, or candles after dark
Transportation - which means public transportation, group vehicles, walking, biking, etc.
Medical - which means ONLY basic medical care and accepting its limitations
Dental - which means basic care so that there is no pain, that people can eat, etc.
Eye Glasses - which means frame glasses
Hearing Aids - which means basic equipment so people can hear
Financial Assistance - which means credit options within the WT system, for members
Employment - which means filling the positions that will create all the things we need
Retirement Services - which means a commitment to the living needs of those who cannot work
Life Services - which means providing basic care for those who cannot care for themselves

All of these needs take money to provide, and to continue, which means we have to have some form of income...  that would be membership, product fees, service fees, program fees, and a program where work is equated to the supplies needed to survive.  It is protecting the resources that already exist so they will be available in the future for those who are alive when they are needed.

We don't know when our persecutions will increase, when our jobs will be lost and our possessions then lost, when we will lose our family structures, our support networks, our church and community access.  If we wait too long... there won't be anything to turn to.

Read about the End Times, not the Rapture that is talked about... we don't know when, or if, there will be a pre-Tribulation rapture... it is only a theory.  What does the Bible tell us about the End Times?