Monday, 14 SEP 2015 :: Weekends are always too full of things to do!

It is hard to decide what to write about on Mondays.  So much happens over a weekend, lots to think about, contemplate, file away, research, plan, etc. 

The rains returned to Oregon today, but it looks like California could use some of the moisture... It is so sad to see the destruction that is happening there.  I went to the Napa Valley as a young person to visit relatives that lived there, and then I passed through it on my own travels as an adult... it was one of the most beautiful places I discovered in California as I wandered.  I have lost all my personal possessions more than one time, so I know the heartache that it causes.  Nothing can replace the treasures we collect over our lifetimes...they hold our best memories, that is why we collect them.

Starting over is always hard, but when you don't have a choice about the matter, all you can do is keep moving forward, go through the grieving process, and begin to heal.  I still mourn the loss of things that mattered greatly to me and/or my children.  Nothing can make the loss go away, the pain, the tears, the sadness. 

My heart is crying with them, with all people who have lost their homes, their friends, families, pets, and more.  Fire is a terrible thing, but it isn't the only way we suffer this kind of loss.  The refugees of war in the Middle East, in Africa, in all parts of the world, suffer this same pain.  Floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, even traffic accidents, can forever change our lives.  It is overwhelming to think of so many people suffering and in need of basic help.

What else happened?  I sorted my supplies and started creating the next step for several of my planned and evolving projects.  When I went to use my iron, it didn't work!  Now I will need to put that on my budget list.  :-)   It's always something, right!?   My workspace is beginning to find it's flow... by next year it should be ready for a full year of preparations for Christmas 2016... my main goal.

My weight is again going downward... that is good.  :-)

All these small things that make up our days... I could go into more expansive thoughts about their meaning, but these are the details of my days... right now... the ones I have already shared at some point.  My real focus in life is the realities of survival like the ones I talked about in the beginning.  It is hard to write only about those things... they are emotionally draining, tearful, hard to share every day... meaningless things like weight loss seem easier to share.

I guess I will have to find a way to balance the deeper topics with the smaller matters.  I suppose establishing priorities is a personal matter, too.  Weight loss can be the most important subject in some lives.

May the GOD of all creation watch over those who love Him... and guide our lives to places of safety and fellowship.  Amen.