Can we Save America?

I have been sorting through a lot of old papers.  I came across one set of notes about the political process and decided it would be good to share with you.

I didn't save the source information, or the date it was created, but I have a title :: Marginalize the Population.  It's labeled page 10 of my original note packet.  I think it might be a chapter title.

The quote I wrote first is quite difficult to deal with but I already know it is true.

70% of people have no way of influencing policy

This issue gets bigger and bigger every year.  Lobbyists influence what gets passed, contributions become the reason, and we only hear the lies that make it possible.  I write letters when I can.  Mostly I add a few comments to online posts.  I'm not one who makes phone calls because I don't feel I can create a record of my efforts.  Printed matter is my "voice of choice" because I can try to keep a record for my own purposes.

There's really no way to know if my letters actually reach anyone who needs to hear what I want to say.

A note added under my quote above says the lack of being able to influence our political processes "equals a public that is angry, frustrated, and hates institutions."  I see why we have all the unrest in our nation.

More notes about this state that activism moves in very self-destructive directions, like

  • unfocused anger
  • attacks on one another
  • attacks on vulnerable targets
  • corrosive of human relations

"And that's the point -- to make people hate and fear each other, and look out only for themselves, and don't do anything for anyone else."

It's hard to know what all my notes mean after a long period of time, but the things I saved from whatever I was taking notes on, and only the few pages I have left, are meaningful.  

I was not and still am not great about history details.  One note I have is referenced to ADAM SMITH.  I don't remember why he is important to us, or this record.  What I have written about him in my notes is his opinion of our future, that we will become "a society in which normal human instincts and emotions of sympathy, solidarity, and mutual support are driven out."

These are serious in any society.  They make us people who care.  The Bible tells us the love of many will grow cold in the end days.  It says people will become lovers of themselves.  It says cruelty will grow towards family members.  And more.  The things that make a society great will no longer exist.

We never think about how our world is becoming what GOD has warned us it will become.  I know I have had a very hard time seeing it, not wanting it to happen, and wondering how we will live through it until the Antichist fulfills what he is going to do.

I don't know how much we can do to stop the downfall of our world, but everything in history and life is done, for good or evil, when "people organize, struggle for their rights, and win."  Satan has goals, too.

At the end of my notes is a quote by Howard Zin about our ability to create what becomes history.  I hope we all remember it and do our best to make life better.

"What matters is the countless small deeds of unknown people who lay the basis for the significant events that enter history."

I am a fan of James Clear's ATOMIC HABITS.  The idea is that small changes add up.  We can change ourselves in small ways to become the person we want to be over time.  This is how good and evil work... small steps that lead to the future.

We have become less godly in small steps over time... all leading to what GOD has already told us would happen.  

We create our lives by our choices, small and great.

When all of our lives are added together, we create our world.

It was my hope to gather all the Christians together so we could become that power for good our world needs, and what we will need to help each other.  I still hope we have time to make that difference.

In Christ,

Deborah Martin

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