11 SEP 2014 :: The end of another week

Finally, Thursday is here!  :-)  Getting into this pattern takes a bit of focus and concentration and determination. I am discovering blogging on a new level, and trying to find information about it from people that have already gone through this phase.  Right now my challenge is just to get a blog post written. As I am doing that, my mind is beginning to plan ahead for topic, for a structure, for research and references. If I live long enough, GOD willing, I will be able to see this develop into something that is worthy of its audience.

The week has been long...and has taken a toll on my body. It has also been a week of learning new things, planning, praying. The garden I am caring for has been showing me plants I have never seen grown before. I am collecting some seeds for planting in the future. And discovering new recipes. The taste of home-grown food is worth the effort. It can't be compared. When I get to grow the things I love, I will go out to get my food as close to the time I eat it as possible. That will be good food!

This week I have been trying to develop my personal Etsy store. I want to create better listings and figure out how to deal with shipping issues. This involves a lot of reading and exploring other shops on Etsy. It is taking longer than I wanted it to, but the effort will be worth it. I don't think I can make it work for this Christmas season, but I will be able to prepare for next year's selling opportunities. As I go through my senior years, I hope this will become a good income source for me. My Social Security is very low, but it is all I have right now.

I have been so busy with other things today, I forgot it was the anniversary of the attack on our country. The news reminded me. I have a very hard time with the 9/11 attack. I was homeless on the day it happened, and I didn't find out about it until many days afterward. It was the inspiration for my AMERICA writing. I believe that attack was the turning point for our country...the sign that GOD's Hand of Protection has been withdrawn. I don't know if we can reverse that change...the End Times are moving ahead very quickly. I hope GOD will keep us safe, and help us to find Him again.

I think that is about all I can share today. I will be seeking GOD for some very urgent needs this weekend. Please pray for me if you can.

Remember to honor the Sabbath this weekend. I don't know how that would look for you, I am still trying to find a place of peace about it. I just believe that it is very important to GOD.