9 SEP 2014 :: Gardens, Food, and Farming

I have temporarily been put in charge of watering the gardens for this household. It allows me to watch how the plants grow and think again about how to best preserve food. If we didn't enjoy the blessing that electricity brings us, how would we be able to make these garden foods last until the next harvest? Families in the past lived on what they grew, raised, and preserved. They had to plan for a full year's worth of supplies. If Christians are going to survive until the Antichrist wages war on the saints, we need to begin planning.

The vision for Working Together is [to] create these places that GOD can bless...including farms and ranches. My thought is that GOD judges nations with drought and famine, war, and pestilence. If GOD decides to judge America for the things it has been doing that are against His Word, the only way to separate us from the rest of the people is through Christian Communities. I call it creating a Goshen like the Israelites did in Egypt.

Food will be an important need whether we are operating Respite Centers in the larger cities or out in the rural areas building farms and ranches. In time, there will be no transportation options and we will have to be self-sufficient. GOD can perform miracles, but I have noticed that the Bible doesn't show us one miracle that was created from nothing. GOD multiplies bread and fish, He uses a raven to bring food to a hiding prophet, He protects His people from plagues, and makes bodies new again when they have been damaged. The oil in the lamp lasted for days, the oil for the widow didn't stop until she ran out of containers. Jesus turned water into wine, He didn't make wine out of nothing. The Bible tells us that GOD can bless one field and curse another. We need to prepare places that GOD can bless as He provides for those who love Him.

Consider a world without funds...money transfers and no cash. Housing, utilities, food, clothing, transportation, all the things we take for granted, have to be provided somehow. In the days before irrigation, and tractors, and refrigerators, if you didn't grow it, raise it, build it, or buy it, you didn't have it. Most Americans simply go to the store [to] fill their needs. We have no idea what it is like when there is no alternative.

If we have to depend on the rain GOD brings, and no other water source, what will it do to our crops? If we use horses instead of tractors, how does that reduce the amount of land we can farm? Is drip irrigation worth the cost? Is there a better way to conserve every drop we can? Can we collect rainwater in ways that won't be confiscated by the government in a crisis? Living in a Christian Community isn't going to change the problems we face, but it will allow GOD to perform miracles of provision more easily. That is why we need to gather together and begin creating these communities.

 If we want to survive as the world gets worse, we need to consider our food sources.