10 SEP 2014 :: Global Laws and Government

When I went to sign out from Facebook a few minutes ago, I got emotional about the issues we face in the world and how they will affect us as Christians, as countries, and as human beings.

There is no way to stop a global government...it has to be created and empowered to deal with crimes that happen between countries. It means laws will be made and agreed to, and we will have to obey them. It means government offices must be created. Police, jails, courts, and judges must be established to enforce the laws that are made. It means military forces and a loss of national sovereignty. And these new administrations need to be funded, so that will mean taxes to pay for them.

Some of the problems we face in our global issues:
  • UN agreements already threaten to take away the rights of US parents to raise their children in ways they feel are best for their culture and family. In trying to prevent religious foundations, other perspectives will also lose their rights to exist.
  • The US cannot always be expected to intervene in global terrorism. We don't have the funds or the desire to do that. Can we justify creating a war because some countries hate us enough to attack our citizens? Or that they think we are all rich and will pay a ransom?
  • Drugs and Human Trafficking are becoming global problems.
  • And our environmental abuses affect the world, not just one ship or company.
It is just getting too complicated for everyone.

We are bombarded with an endless list of issues on a daily basis. I know I am on overload already. I want to turn every device off and just be involved in the small events of my family, work, dreams. I wish I could help change the pain I see in other people's lives, but I can't. There is too much need and I don't have anything to give. I am struggling myself and there is no one to help me.

Sometimes I watch news anchors as they go from one story to another, with only a few seconds between each event, not having enough time to digest the tragic stories they report and register a human response. It is emotionally impossible for them, or us, to survive these assaults on our hearts and minds. We become more and more callous, indifferent, distant. There are so many needs presented to us we are forced to separate ourselves. They cease to have any meaning. We must find a way to cope with all that need so we stop feeling connected.

As a nation, as a world, we let abortion become a right of the mother, of the parents of teens, of the state, and ignored the rights of the unborn child, who did nothing wrong and did not deserve to die. This first right to kill innocent and silent human beings created a societal foundation based on individual worth -- people had to be deemed worthy to be allowed to live. The powers that were in charge decided a woman must retain the right to hide her pregnancy by killing her child. Every child killed was somehow considered defective or unwanted. They became "an inconvenient truth" instead of a blessing.

This first step into authorized murder led to euthanasia and "mercy killings," to the "right" to die so we wouldn't be a burden to society or our family. Then our courts created the right to force someone's death, even when there were people who wanted to care for them. Life wasn't protected because it wasn't a decision of right or wrong, or of alternatives, it was a question of who had the right to make this decision. Now the right to choose death is becoming a requirement to die -- to keep costs down and medical systems available for more worthy patients. 

This is how we have lost our value of life. 
People have become things, they are no longer cherished human beings.

It is why domestic violence is rising, why child abuse of all kinds is rising, and why murder is rising. Financial crimes are escalating. Global crimes are increasing every day, especially on the Internet. These are the effects of choices we made many years ago, the ripples reaching farther and farther from the place they started. They are leading us to what the Bible has prophesied about the End Times, about the final judgment, about the destruction of our world.

GOD never lies. What the Bible tells us is going to happen, will happen. I hope you are ready for it.