5 NOV 2014 :: Election Results and GMOs

I finally went to find out what happened with the elections and couldn't spend the time to battle news pages. I did see that the GMO measure was narrowly defeated.  It will take at least one more time to start the legislative process of making industry tell us when our food is altered.  Maybe the next time around there will be more evidence of its effects.

I have seen programs describing efforts to create food in labs so it can be grown and eaten in space. I don't know how they do that... it must be something like growing babies in "test tubes" so you can control the process. 

I'm not sure that is what we want to do.

I won't be here... others will have to keep up with the changes and try to keep them from harming us, making us uncaring, creating people who cannot bear with the weaknesses of others.  I guess I can mention here about my search for GOD's reasons in telling us that the weak are more important than the strong.  After years and years of contemplating the statement, I realized it is the weak that keep mercy and compassion alive in societies.  We can see the demise of both in our world...there's no way to know what it will lead to in the future.  Social "norms" evolve and become the standard of the society they exist in. We don't believe in Jihad, but we believe in other harmful behaviors.

I wonder if I won the big prize in the lottery...  I really just want the millions to develop WT, and it is already easily spent in my plans, but it may be too late to make spaces where we can be protected, places where we can turn to as the society we live in becomes a danger for us...until we all leave the world together.

Pray that GOD will help me through my current situation. I am trying to work out the update details for 2015. It is my habit to do a review at the end of every year. I will be making decision for the next year.  --  I have some urgent and critical financial needs just to get through November and December. It is important that GOD intervene on my behalf.

Thank you for any prayers you may offer on my behalf.  GOD is the only one that can help...there are things that have to be battled, like when the angel was sent to Daniel.