3 NOV 2014 :: Voting is our voice

I was trying to decide what to write about and remembered tomorrow is our election day.

America is changing fast. Soon our voting process will be by computer, probably from our own homes (or phones) - won't that be strange for us old people who loved to go out to the polls and enter the curtained booth to punch out our choices.  Voting was a lot more fun back then...a real event.

I noticed one year that they started reporting the results of elections before the polls closed. That was forbidden in my curtained booth days. It still should be. There are some people who vote with the crowd so they can say they voted for the winner. It influences votes. Media silence is important.

Voter fraud is an important issue, too. I remember hearing about the gangsters and unions forcing (or buying) people's votes - that was in history classes, nothing recent.  :-)    We will have to do battle with computer fraud and that may be worse.  Why do people want to commit fraud? Because the ones that make the laws affect the flow of money, power, justice, etc.  The issues keep getting more important... and morals keep getting less important.  It affects the kind of people that exist.

To me, voting is the voice of the people. It needs to be cherished and protected. It doesn't matter if we all agree, we need to respect the vote. It is the foundation of our country...our freedom...our rights. We like it when tyrannies are overthrown and voting replaces it. If we aren't careful, tyrannies will replace voting in America.

I hope that doesn't happen, but it is a very real danger.

If you are an American citizen that is old enough to vote, I hope you registered and exercised your right to voice an opinion...your opinion.