4 NOV 2014 :: Election Night

I decided to wait until some of the election results were in and resolved.  It looks like the Senate will belong to the Republicans again. 

Oregon remains a Democratic stronghold because of the big cities here.  The Governor's race is kind of close... it depends on how many votes haven't been counted yet.  Our Senators are both Democrats again.

I hate that Marijuana is being legalized...it is going to hurt our country and many people who fight addictions. I am hoping for lawsuits about "second-hand smoke" and requirements to be processed and sold like every other medicine.

It looks like GMO labeling may win in Oregon...but the news reports I am listening to say it may not be decided until tomorrow.

I have been busy trying to do my other online duties so I haven't been focusing a lot on the election results here...just catching the big comments, and perking up for the issues that matter to me.   :-)   We are all that way...  what matters to us is what captures our attention.

I am learning about International shipping costs and wondering how each country differs, what forms I will need to complete, and what I can send easily as I learn the process.  I suppose International Gift
Cards will become big business because of the shipping costs. 

With the increasing internet access and shopping options, people will be able to shop more local and reduce the shipping expenses of online sales.  I will have to explore these thoughts... 

I like PayPal because of the currency exchange option, but don't know how much it takes from the sales income.  Etsy has some currency exchanges. When I first signed up for PayPal, I decided it would be better to have funds in each group and keep them separate. . . keep all the purchases in one currency in that account.  I don't know how that affects taxes, but I will eventually find out.

I bought a lottery ticket for the Mega Millions drawing tonight but haven't heard if there is a winner. I would love for it to be me!  :-)

I also responded to an Etsy forum question about how much I want to sell each day.  I said as much as I could...millions of digital products, only 1 "Made-to-Order" item, and then all of my holiday items over the 4-6 weeks of the season...etc.   That would be nice...the digital sales would mean I didn't have to win the lottery and could finance myself.   :-)    I need to figure out how to sell that many items online!!!!

Please continue to pray for my situation.  GOD knows the details...I just need it to be different as soon as possible.  I appreciate any prayer for my good that you can offer to the only One who can change things.