6 NOV 2014 :: The days go by too fast

The last post of the week...this is getting to be a routine, and I am almost finding a time of the day that works best for me.  My goals are getting organized, my notebook is beginning to "flow" in the order that matters to me.  I am beginning to see the best projects to focus my energy on. Learning the differences in the sites I am trying to learn, getting them set up, figuring out how to benefit from them the best, and other internet sales activities are falling into place.  I am hoping next year will be better than the past 62.  :-)

Time goes by so fast. I am heading into the 14th week of posts, there are only eight weeks left of the year.  I am processing how my goals are going, and what I want to prioritize for 2015 now.  A Christmas list is forming, my budget is crunching, and craft ideas are swirling through my head. I am mourning the losses of my life...and praying desperately for my sons.

I often thank GOD that I was born and raised in America. There is no place like this country...and I can't imagine there will ever be a better country in the world. Our purpose in history has been very huge...in both positive and negative ways.  I am wondering what our political leaders will do in the next many years.  How will it affect our lives?  Will we be able to protect America from the dangers it faces?  When can we create the balance of government and citizen that is going to help us budget, plan, and heal the financial excess and debt we suffer with.  Will we define the responsibilities of citizens, the boundaries of government, and the importance of charity in our lives?  I hope so.

Please continue to pray for me, for Working Together, for the Body of Christ, and for America.