10 DEC 2014 :: Checking in again.

Still not well... wanted to enter this in case the day gets worse... but I will try to come back later if I feel better. Sorry for the lack of opinions...   :-)

May GOD watch over America and the ones we love...
May He guide our leaders and help them to choose right over profits and campaign donations.
May He help us to see the need to lift up moral foundations and not tear them down.
May He show us how to reduce our debt and stay within a reasonable budget... both country and families.
May He protect our country by revealing those who would use hate to achieve their ends.
May we see that love is what matters, and GOD gave us the poor and helpless to keep our hearts tender, to keep us humble, to allow us to share in their needs.
May GOD judge those who need to be judged, and have mercy on those who deserve it, those who will one day serve Him and love others, who will find a better life, and contribute to America what no others can...

In the holy and wonderful and blessed Name of Jesus,  Amen.