11 DEC 2014 :: Feeling better...

I'm not well, but feeling better. I want to get this post done before I finish the day... I'm trying to catch up with all the things that got left undone, and have to work in stages.  :-)  Life is so much fun when we get old.  :-)

I watched a bunch of VHS tapes in my resting moments... including Bambi, An American Tail, Pocahontas, White Christmas...  what I have available and wanted to re-watch. I already kind of watched It's A Wonderful Life, but need to watch that again... it was a watch/listen while you work kind of viewing.  :-)   I love that movie.  I hope my tape lasts the rest of my life.  I still have Dumbo to see, too.  You can tell my preferred level of movie ratings. I have some of the R movies, but don't really like the yucky parts in them... I wish everything was revised for the old TV standards... no nudity, sex, profanity, etc.   That seems to be all that is on anymore. It's hard to like any of the series programs...they always decline into smut.  :-(

I watched a re-run of Cold Case last night and was reminded again about the attitudes and impacts of the Hollywood decision-makers.  The theme of religion... specifically, anything having to do with GOD, Jesus, the Bible, Christianity, some Jewish, etc... is always creatively smeared.  Pastors are always adulterers, sex fiends, abusers, degenerates.  Doctrine is always a farce.  The social themes of Hollywood are always glorified... free and open sex, homosexuality/etc., money, power, abortion, and a zillion other social mores that go against the Bible.  Even the "news" is biased toward the Hollywood agendas.

It always makes me want to get rid of my TV... like I did so many times before. There isn't an easy solution to this moral issue, and it will only get worse as Hollywood gains more dominance, and GOD decreases in our societies.... all part of the End Times process.  Christians will have to make a decision at some point, and separate from the larger society just to protect itself and it's families.

I hope my body will allow me to get some things done this weekend...  I will talk to you again on Monday, GOD willing.