24 MAR 2015 :: The difference between Truth and Fiction.

I was greatly disturbed by a photo I saw on Facebook last night. I wondered if it was showing someone who was actually being hurt and not able to get away from her captor.  It was displayed as a competition photo in a category I would never explore, but there it was, on a timeline I was exploring for artistic reasons.  This isn't the first photo I have been concerned about.

I have seen photos of children crying so hard I felt they had to be abused to get that level of "reality" into the photo.  As time went by, I wondered if anyone would notice a criminal sharing a photo of his conquest...  in a public forum that makes it seem "innocent." 

Can anyone tell where a photo came from when it appears on the internet?
How do you know what to report as suspicious?  violent?  criminal?
Where do you report it?  What happens to your report?  Anything?

It terrifies me when I think of what the future holds for the battles between good and evil.

In our day, the lines between reality and fiction are blurred so much you can't always tell which is which. I am an adult. I sometimes forget about computer alterations in films, special effects, and fantasy that is only meant to seem real.  How do children absorb all this information, and decide what is real and what is pretend?  I don't know.  So many are left in the care of others.  Many of their parents don't have the time to help them understand these differences, and these are the ones that love their children... what happens to children who survive homes where they are hated, neglected, or abused?

A Christian program on the radio today talked about how kids are raised with technology. They communicate with technology, and learn to evaluate their worth by what happens on/in this technology....  Grade school children talk at a different level than middle and high school kids.  Peer pressure is now photo sharing and texting and how many "likes" you have on the popular sites.  The teen hormone fights I use to see and avoid after school are now waged on the internet, and the consequences today can be life threatening instead of a black eye or a bruised ego. Some will last the rest of someone's life.

I wish I could find a solution to this growing problem, but there is no solution.  It reflects the heart of Man --  and Man's heart is dying.  It is called "growing cold" in the KJV, but it means the heart of our societies are dying.  It involves "road rage," "going postal," terrorism, "hate crimes," political unrest over immigration, abortion, race, sex, education, food, shelter, water rights, and anything that we disagree on.  It means the police, the military, the government, the church, and even the family, will not be able to save us one day.  Criminals will become better at what they do, and the rest of us will suffer for it.